Open Automation Platform

NUPANO: Room for opportunities

Mechanical engineering rethought

Lenze's open automation platform creates new perspectives for modern software technology and digitalization in mechanical engineering. It simplifies the implementation of digital business models at machine level and is tailored to the requirements of mechanical engineering. The significant advantage: NUPANO makes the complexity of software in series mechanical engineering manageable and protects core competencies.

      Mastering the complexity of
      software in series mechanical

     Integration and management of
     apps without IT specialist knowledge​

     Easy integration of own
     technologies creates differentiation​​

      Implement new digital business
      models more easily

Create new digital business models with NUPANO

Digital transformation offers unique opportunities. In order to take advantage of them, IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) must be sustainably united. But how do you achieve the perfect symbiosis? Based on an intelligent combination of standard interfaces and container technology, NUPANO becomes the key to managing software applications in mechanical engineering. The result: you fully exploit the potential of both technology worlds and master the implementation of digital business models with confidence - including maximum cost efficiency. The value of machines can thus be maintained and even increased over the entire lifecycle. 

Exploiting the innovation potential of IT in mechanical engineering

Easy to implement​

Release management ensures that no special IT knowledge is required to set up machines with IT services. ​

NUPANO is also based on standard IT interfaces and allows the use of any development environment (IDE).

Efficient life cycle management 

With NUPANO, you as a series machine builder master the complexity of software. You maintain an overview of the individual software configuration of your machines at all times - regardless of whether you build one or 500. 

New business models generate more sales

NUPANO creates new opportunities to maintain and increase the value of your machine throughout its lifecycle. In this way, you retain the control over new revenue streams. 

NUPANO: Developed for mechanical engineering 

NUPANO offers the mechanical engineering industry room for digital innovation. Implement digital business models at the machine level easily. 

Productive development processes

Especially in the development phase of machines, it is crucial that IT and OT harmonize perfectly. NUPANO efficiently combines both technologies and makes collaboration much easier for all parties involved. The platform offers intelligent sharing functions for testing and validation purposes, provides access to publicly available applications and, above all, to your own machine-specific applications. 

Tailor made applications

The intelligent NUPANO platform enables the integration, management and protection of innovative technological applications that are precisely tailored to your machines. This keeps you one step ahead of the competition - because public apps are the only way to gain a competitive advantage. 

Full transparency in the field 

With NUPANO, you maintain an overview of the status of your machine software at all times - whether for one machine or 500. 

Easy integration of existing IT technologies

NUPANO is based on established IT interfaces. This means for you: Your technology applications can be easily programmed on common standards, tested as needed and then effortlessly transferred to our Open Automation Platform. Furthermore, you can use it to access 100,000+ programs on Docker Hub, for example. This saves you time and money! 

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