Lenze Strategy 2020+ - Our roadmap for the future

We have clear, long-term strategies based on our vision and values. This forms the basis upon which we build a successful future for our company.

Our primary objective is sustainable corporate success and the associated growth and financial security this brings. It follows, therefore, that we are determined to preserve the independence and entrepreneurial freedom of our family business in future as well.

"We want nothing less than to set the pace for global factory automation and to be at the very front of shaping digital transformation."

- Christian Wendler, CEO Lenze SE

Our strength, which has already supported us through many changes over the course of the last 70 years, lies in our ability to adapt to different markets and customers. In order to continue solidifying our leading position in rapidly changing markets, the strengthening of profitable business models is essential to the success of our company.

We understand the complex needs of our customers and create simple solutions to ensure their success. This plays to our strengths: innovative drive and technology leadership, as well as excellence in sales and engineering.

Also included is a remarkable degree of flexibility that enables us to offer customers products with outstanding ease of use, as well as sophisticated automation systems in standard and custom-built variants. Not to forget our committed employees who embody all these things.

Our strategy for the future is built on three pillars:

We aim to inspire our customers' enthusiasm for all three corporate pillars:
innovative digital services and engineering expertise, coupled with straightforward value creation processes and systems.

The strong emphasis on these three strategic pillars is the consistent extension of the path we chose some years ago to orient the company towards clear market segments.

Our corporate vision sets our pace for the future:

"The best machines and production facilities around the world use Lenze."

We are convinced that the digital transformation is among the greatest opportunities for our company to build sustainable structures for the future, to continue our path of growth and to create space for the development of new and auspicious digital fields of business in addition to our current core competency in machine automation. This is why we have included the digital pillar as an integral part of our strategy and are firmly committed to shaping Industry 4.0 for ourselves and for the benefit of our customers.

Five focus industries

We also concentrate on five high-growth industries as those are the ones where we possess the greatest expertise, here we can exploit the best market opportunities, and it is here that we have set ourselves the clear target of belonging to the top 5 providers. Visit the detail pages for the individual industries to learn more about what we can offer you, how we collaborate and what we can achieve together.