Best career prospects at Lenze.

Welcome to the Land of Motion. Welcome to Lenze.

Motion is what distinguishes us as an innovative company. It is the central element of our day-to-day work, in what we think and what we do - both on the business side and personally. We not only ensure that our customers' machines keep going, we also try to provide conditions that enhance the mental and physical agility of our employees. What's more, we pursue a committed social agenda, helping to keep things moving in the region where we are active. This is our Land of Motion.

When you work for us, you will find many ways of developing not only your career but also yourself as a person. As an intern, student, specialist, team leader, project manager or member of the company's management team, you will be working in a dynamic environment that allows you to choose the direction that best suits you. Go with the flow.

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